Dusting Tips and Tricks

They are silent, they are cute (like bunnies) and they are everywhere.


We are talking about dust! That’s right. It’s dust!


For those of you that think dust magically just “arrives on things”, then let me give you a quick lesson on what dust is really comprised of.


Dust can be comprised of the following organic material.

- Small dead bug carcasses or bug feces (pretty gross)

- Your own dead skin that flakes off of you all day, that you don’t actually see leaving your body.

- Pet Dander (like Dandruff for Animals!)

- Your Dandruff or Scalp Flakes. (Imagine how much dust comes off your head while you are tossing and turning in your bed at night?!

- Outdoor air or vent particles containing plant by product, seed or allergens that have conveniently landed or blown onto your stuff and has ultimately found a happy home!


So, that’s dust! Pretty gross. And any amount of it, can affect your health. So now let’s get to the much required Dusting Tips and Tricks that only take a few minutes, and are cost effective to maintain a clean dust free home!


Ceiling Fan Dusting Tip:

The ceiling fan is a like a vortex that sucks dust into it daily. Whipping it around, and eventually just settling atop the fixture. It’s a true pain to get to, extremely unsightly, and accumulates fast. So what do you do about dusting the ceiling fan easily?


bendable duster

A Bendable Duster is Great for getting into tough spots.


Solution: Get yourself a bendable duster, that can easily snake around the tops and crevices of your fan. This will help you in the long run without having to stretch, or twist and turn awkwardly to dust your fan. I’ve actually seen people pull out their backs trying to dust fans, with very little luck. So, do yourself a favor and get a bendable duster.


sock duster

Great for targeting high corners, cobwebs, and dusting on a budget.



Corners and Mouldings Cobweb Dusting Tip:

Corners on high walls, and old moulding is a total pain. Getting into every corner like some ghostly spirit can be time consuming and strenuous. It’s extremely important to get those cobwebs because in hot temperature climates, deadly baby spiders can breed in these dry arid spots, and lead to much more than just a simple quick dusting.


Bathroom Exhaust Fan Dusting Tip


This may be something you didn’t even know was happening. Mainly because we know that we are either looking down, or straight ahead when we are in the bathroom. But take a minute to look at your bathroom exhaust fan, and now feel the shower you just took be a little less effective. So yes, that bathroom exhaust fan is awful, and you need to do something about it.


bathroom fan cleaner

Something you almost certainly have for your vacuum and will save you time in the long run.



Though not originally intended as part of the design. It just so happens that the upholstery brush attachment for your favorite vacuum is ideal for getting high above, and of course sucking away all the filth without having to take apart the bathroom exhaust fan. 30 seconds up there with that vent brush, will dust away 5 years or more of dust monster that you have growing up there.


Delicate items and wall fixtures Dusting Tip:


You have some really nice collectibles, no matter the type. It can be art, toys, figure, sports stuffs, but no matter what it is, they may be packaged, but certainly are not immune to dust. Big clunky dusting tools will just not work, so how do we keep these treasures in a state of clean dust free existence?


makeup brush duster

Getting in those fine dusting spots. This brush now does more than apply foundation.



Solution:  Raid your (or someone else’s) old makeup drawer for an old unused makeup brush.  Makeup brushes are super absorbent and detailed enough to get into tough corners and little spaced against the wall. Also, a little water on the brush makes it even more effective to actually remove the dust as opposed to just “moving it around”, so that it can land somewhere else or join forces with your ceiling fan.





For those that are cost conscious, all you need is a broom or mop handle, a sock (preferably a lost left one) and a thick rubber band or elastic hair tie. You wrap the sock around the end of the hand, and secure it with the elastic. Now you have a targeted 5 foot cobweb dusting weapon of destruction.


The Best Material For Dusting Tip:


So you have old socks, terry cloths, paper towels, old newspaper and maybe even s tattered gym tshirt. All of these things have their place in life. However, they are not very good for dusting. As we mentioned earlier, the idea is to clean the dust, and not just move it around. So the question is, what truly the best material to be used for dusting?


best microfiber dusting cloth

Microfiber Dusting Cloth is the best for any type of dusting chore.




Microfiber. That’s right! It’s used in a ton of products today, but none more effective than the tactile efforts of dusting. And why is that you ask? Well, Microfiber is scientifically designed removing and cleaning dust better, and they are electrostatically charged and attract dust better are super absorbent and wash well when done. So you should champion the microfiber cloths, and make them a part of your permanent cleaning arsenal.


Well, that’s all the tips for dusting right now. However, if you just don’t have the time, and want someone to make your life sparkle, then don’t forget to checkout our cleaning service, that can handle the party both before and after.


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