Chino Maid Services

It’s hard ¬†sometimes to find someone that is truly reliable.


Here at Jamies, we pride ourselves on making the domestics of everyday life a little easier in such a hectic everyday economy. One key service that we offer is daily maid services for just about any scenario.



Whether you need house maid services, or even a bi-weekly office maid service in Chino or the surrounding areas, you can instill your trust in Jamie’s cleaning service for dependable, reliable cleaning solutions that are at the best price for daily cleaning.


chino maids

Full Staff of Professional Maids at Your Service



Our maid services are both supervised, regulated and thoroughly communicate with whatever cleaning needs you have. Whether it is a 1 room studio apartment, or a full house cleaning service that is needed ¬†with specific detail, just know Jamie’s is a maid service you can trust.


For a free quote on service in the city of Chino of the Chino Hills area, please contact us directly, and we will provide a plan that is right for you.