Green House Cleaning Service in Chino Hills

It’s a term that many people are starting to become aware of.

The term “Green House Cleaning” is derived from the “natural” sound of the word (not us actually cleaning your greenhouse.)

chino green housecleaning

Getting Your House Green and Clean the Natural way without chemicals.

This mainly means to be Eco Friendly regarding your housecleaning needs. With so many free radicals in household cleansers and cleaning agents, one can only imagine how can you get a “good enough house cleaning” without using some of these more powerful house cleaners as opposed to more natural cleaning solutions.

However, here at Jamie’s cleaning, we have been house cleaning for over 15 years and many times the old fashioned way with “Green” house cleaning methods.



Getting your House Cleaned using Green Methods in San Bernardino Ca.


Whether it is a mixture of natural oil soap, or a vinegar and water mixture, we understand that natural health and safety are a major concern in a day and age where there aren’t enough unmodified natural elements in our lives.

If you need a green housecleaning company in Chino or the San Bernardino area, then rest assured we can keep your clean green.

So take a moment now, and give us a call for your natural cleaning quote.